Friday, October 24, 2014

BULLIED, by Reyna

~Bullied, by Reyna
"I composed this as a cover for a chapter of one of my fanfics which is about bullying. It's about the main character being bullied and how he overcomes this by having the support of his friends that become like family."

Thursday, October 23, 2014


~Silent Bombardment, by Kazichan
"I know first hand how much bullying hurts, and because of my experience I subconsciously self taught myself not to trust most people - mainly females because it was only them that bullied me - I also hid; escaping in the world of books, tv shows and drawing. I guess the worst bully was my sister, she treated me - AND STILL DOES - like a subject to her queen, after studying psychology I found out she was a sociopath: a person who cannot experience empathy towards others (shes also passive aggressive). At least she moved out of home.
Throughout highschool there was no-one who truly understood how i felt until year 11 when I became friends with 2 amazing people who help me through somewhat.
This piece represents the bombardment of verbal abuse I have been felt over the years (this is only a fraction of it). The words in red represent the hurt they caused and the bigger and brighter the words, the more they hurt. The white words on the bottom is that tiny voice in my head asking why they want to cause pain to me, and the small size is to emphasis how small and alone I felt. The reason this is not represented in a person is simply because I cannot draw humans."

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


The boy lays on the ground while the second stands over him
The first boy cries while the second laughs
The second boy is hurt
But is not crying
For his tears have dried up
The second boy is on the ground
The man standing over him
Belt in hand
Oh the irony

The first boy sits down
His friends crowd around
Concussion is found
Hit by a locker
And now is at the doctor

The first boy goes home
To a poor family
To a small house
To an unhappy life
To depression
To anger
To suicide

The first boy screams
But no one deems
It important
No matter how absorbent
The physical bandage
Can be banded

The second boy stays still
Clothes off
Bloody and beaten
Assessing his wounds
Just to go back
And beat the first boy some more
Oh the irony

The anger the first boy feels
All of those deals
Only to be let down
And told he was a clown

The first boy is sad
The crying never stops
While the second boy laughs
But hides the scars
Under his hoodie
While the first boy doesn’t
Oh the irony

The second boy runs
From what feels like a thousand guns
But in reality
In actuality
There is only one
And it isn’t a gun

The first boy’s life is over
He gave up
But his story will never be forgotten
Because in the sea of many
He wasn’t the only one

Bullying is wrong
But you must be strong
For behind every bully
There is trully
A troubled past

~Oh The Irony- An Anti-Bullying Poem, by Damian Snow

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BRANDED, by Neon-Fizz

~Branded, by Neon-Fizz
"Once those words leave their mouth, they don't just go away. They don't just disappear into thin air. They attach themselves to the target. Brand themselves into their skin, forming scars that never go away, even if they do manage to fade a little. They're not just words, they're so much more. And because of that, unfortunately, not all of those scars are made by other people any more."