Tuesday, January 27, 2015

STOP BULLYING COMIC, by Faerie Warrior

~Stop Bullying Comic, by Faerie Warrior
"I originally made this comic for dosomething.org which is a website dedicated to making the world a better place through different campaigns. One of the campaigns was to create a comic about ways to stop bullying. I have personally been bullied and I honestly hate the thought of people bullying other people because I have felt the pain of being bullied. I may have been bullied differently from the girl in my comic, but bullying is still bullying regardless of how it is performed such as violence, words, or text."

Monday, January 26, 2015

UNTITLED, by Anonymous

Untitled, by Anonymous
"These tattoos have meanings and speak for the girl there
For she no longer talks
She has ran out of breath gone with the air
She cries every night for the art she so loved
Is the only living thing given commitment to her and love
It seems in society she is useless
Her skin is the enemy
Heritage,mentality,languag a mistake
And yet since when can she be a mistake when God makes none
I may have only drawings to speak for me and the weak
But they show my strength to still live without breath
To show she is imperfect and human."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

LABLED, by Zoë Kiger

Labled, by Zoë Kiger
"This piece represents labels that young adults are given throughout their school lives. It is an issue piece based on bullying."

Saturday, January 3, 2015

YOU CAN RISE ABOVE, by Gary Reed Jr.

~You Can Rise Above, by Gary Reed Jr.
Michael, I really hope you're doing better now, and I know the pain you experienced must have been grueling. Having gone through something similar during middle school, I know it isn't a fun time, but thankfully there were people who care about me to help me when needed, as I'm sure there has been for you. The pic here, based on the episode "Flight to the Finish," shows a similar situation involving Scootaloo, who is constantly being bullied for having no cutie mark, but also being unable to fly. Thankfully, Rainbow Dash here tells her that no matter what they say, she can rise above it. I know you'll rise above it too, Michael. All the best.