NOT FAZED, by Ally Lee Kennedy

Alone but unafraid.
out-casted but never the same.

They laugh and they laugh
but I am not fazed.
No, I am not hurt.

I'm different, they say.
I'm not like the others.
No, I am unique.
Yes I'm many colors.

I'm covered with nature.
I'm laced with the pleasures
that I am unique
that I'm not the danger.

They call me a weirdo
a freak
a loser.
But I'm just the same,
yes we're all just the same.
Of flesh and of skin and of bone.

But why do they hurt me?
The names
the laughs
and the stones...
please make them stop
please make it go away.
This won't make me cry
but it won't make me stay.

I'm human
I'm flesh and I'm bone.

They laugh and they laugh
But I am not fazed.
No, I am not hurt...

~Not Fazed, by Ally Lee Kennedy
"Yes you are ALL many colours. Never let anyone bring you down because you are unique and beautiful."


  1. This is beautiful. I cried as I read it, I love the title "Not Fazed". <3


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