BULLYING, by Anonymous

they hurt everybody.
everybody feels the pain.
I can't sleep when I think about how many Kids Kill themselves Across The Planet.
Bullies are unsure about themselves so they hurt others with those doubts.
i've been called Whore.
When i've never even hugged my Boyfriend.
I have a Boyfriend Online.
because the boys here think i'm hideous.
if they could only know who I am on the inside.
I am nice.
i'm not girly.
I don't nag at boys.
I don't wear pounds of make-up because I love myself for who I am.
I have been called ugly.
because my cheeks are naturally rose colored.
because my hair naturally shines under the sun.
because my eyes shine under the sun.
I don't understand.
But when did I ever understand?
they listen to Pop Music.
I listen to Metal.
My music has meaning in they're lyrics and care for music.
when they're Music has no meaning and the singers don't give a care about music.
I sing on The Bus.
I am told I sound horrible.
when I sound better than all of them.
But who am I to judge?
I love people for who they are.
not by what they look like or what they own.
they don't know what pain is.
Pain Is my friend.
My Life is not "Perfect" likes they'res.
I do not have rich parents that let me run around like crazy.
because they truly care for me.
No matter what.
I don't get what I want for crying for it.
I have to work for it.
while they can simply ask.
Bullying hurts.
Help stop it.

~Bullying, by Anonymous
"This is to help Bullying to end it for good Bullying hurts and people kill themselves because of it and we can end this as well."