I AM A DOLL, by Azerin Chowdhury

I am a doll
Who has no true feelings,
Who is not respected,
Who has no dignity,

I am a doll
I can be ripped and pushed punched,
I can be kicked and slapped and pulled by the hair,
Or have my things teared to shreds,

I am a doll
Who is called idiot and a dumbass,
Who is told to go die,
Who is called worthless and a piece of trash,

I am a doll
Who is bruised and scarred forever,
Who is black and blue all over,
Who forgot how to smile,

I am a doll,
I am a doll,
I am a doll,

But I have one itty-bitty question,
The size of a flea,
And here it is,

If they are all so mean to me,
If they all hate me with their heart,
And tell me to go to hell,

How have I hurt them that they hurt me so much?

~I am a doll, by Azerin Chowdhury


  1. Wonderful poem.Thank you so much for sharing it with us!


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