UNTITLED, by Anonymous

What have I done to deserve all this pain?
The bully moved in, so matter of fact
It happened so quick, I had no time to act
I could do nothing but wait for his energy to wane
And try to keep strong through the onslaught of strain
My peers had no clue what to do or say,
So I just had to wait ‘til the end of the day

What can I do…..?
Just face the bully, straight up and true
He may try to put me down
But I must keep my head up and not murmur facedown

When I tell him he has done wrong,
Maybe he’ll have a change of heart and of song

And when the wrong has been righted,
Our school will no more be plighted

I have no clue what had caused his views,
Maybe he was just dazed and confused?
Maybe he just had no idea what to do
Perhaps he was abused at home
And just needed to be alone

Either way the wind blows,
I know I shall now be left alone

And in the end, acting on nothing but a whim,
I have made bullying nothing but an old hymn
In the chorus that is the school gym.

~Untitled, by Anonymous