BULLYING, by Anonymous

~Bullying, by Anonymous
"When I was younge probably just starting my 7th grade year in middle school I was a very shy girl and its no question i was very fat. I had about one to 6 friends and were the best of friends untill oneday everyone grew distant, and everytime i asked no matter who i asked they only seemed to go farther away. So i decided 'i know! ill invite everyone to the mall and maybe we can all hang out' so i called everyone and they all said sorry i cant go or they had to do something and i started to feel as if i was the problem. I went to the mall by myself trying to take my mind off the problems but shortly when i tuned a corner leaving a store everyone was there, they had lied to me and i can still feel how my heart dropped and shattered at the bottom of my gut. Of course i went home and cried all night now feeling i couldnt trust my friends thinking it couldnt get any worse. I was wrong, nearing the end of my 7th year my friends stopped speaking to me eventully i stopped trying to speak to them and tried making new friend but strangely they wouldnt speak to me either eventually someone told me. Everyone one at school even people i had only spoke to once for the first time had been told they were not allowed to speak to me or the group i was once friends with would ruin their life so they stayed silent to save theirs. On the other hand other people started taking their problems out on me cause it seems i was the one and only target these days. I was told the classics, fatass, kill yourself but all the way to the end of the school year it got worse and worse even when i sat at lunch people would move and go sit at onother table so they didnt have to be near me and if there wasnt a table avaliable they would sit on the floor. I was completely alone thats when i was stuck with my internet friends it was the only friends i had but intime my online account got hacked into, the group had hacked in deleted all my friends even bullying them pretending to be me then started drawing pictures of me dead and laughing about it telling me over and over 'kill yourself no one loves you' I had nothing i was completely alone. starting my 8th grade year it continued till i graduatated middle school i was alone and finally decided i couldnt take it i was going to take my life in the time my parents were both at work by slitting my wrists with an exacto knife but last minuet a girl came bouncing up to my lunch table, id never seen her before but she just came over and started eating the pizza my mom brought me. She spoke to me in the sweetest voice with a smile, even though i warned her of the consequences if she spoke to me but she didnt care she liked me and we became friends easily. that one friend saved my life and now im living a wonderfull life as an artist who can sell her stuff and go onto college even get married but it was that one step that helped me and that one friend that helped me get through it all and realize. it doesnt matter if you have a dozen horrible friends all it takes is that one good friend."