BULLYING, by Anonymous

Name calling
But that's only half
Bullying is not funny so don't you dare laugh.

It's not something minor
It's not something small
It's something that pains us
And hurts us all.

The hitting, the fighting
It doesn't stop there
At school, online
It happens anywhere.

Teasing hurts many
The punches hurt
Even pushing and shoving
And being thrown in the dirt.

Do you think it's something
To be taken lightly?
Bullying is serious
And very frightening.

The effects are worse
Because it doesn't end there.
The things it does
Makes victims scared.

Bleeding, bruising
But not from abuse.
From the knives and scissors
Being put to use.

The cuts
The scars
You never forget
It'll stay with you
Until you end up dead.

Low self-esteem, suicide
Those are all effects
Of the bullying in this world
It effects all the rest.

The cutting
Is to erase the pain
The pain that you caused
From what you thought was a game.

Think about what you say
Before you say it
You don't know their story
Or what they're dealing with.

Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words will
ALWAYS harm me.

~Bullying, by Anonymous
"I used my own experience to help me write the poem. I also included how it's not something that should be taken lightly and that if you are a bully, then stop. It affects people differently than just a simple fall or stick and stone could break someone from the outside, bullying breaks them down from the inside and if it's serious enough, it'll take them down from the outside as well. Bullying should not be taken lightly."