Wednesday, December 11, 2013

PAST, by Breann

There must be something wrong with me,
Because I'm not like other girls.
Guys don't find me attractive or pretty
And I've never been someone else's whole world.
I don't what I've done to be treated this way.
I must appear so ugly and plain
I've been brought down by what people say,
And they don't care that they've cause me pain.

I hate seeing myself in the mirror
Because I see the imperfections there.
My views on love have grown so bitter
But I'll pretend not to care.

I won't treat them this way,
Because it's not who I am.
I'll be kind and always have something nice to say.
Even if I haven't always been treated like a human.

~Past, by Breann
"When I was younger, I was bullied. It's had some lasting effects on me. I read a story recently that I could relate to. So, I decided to share mine with you all."

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