UNTITLED, by Anonymous

~Untitled, by Anonymous
"the reason i made this was really, becuase i wanted to show my friend (( who is bullied )) that i can protect her and other kids who are bullied. i knew i had to do this becuase i hate it when people face pain that i can never face. i just wanted the bullies to stop hurting the people i care about and i want them to stop hurting people i dont know this might help but it's worth a shot . but that does not mean they HAVE to stay as bullies. there might be a reason bullies bully maybe they had issues that make them angry they get bullied as well by another person who might have issues .kids who are bullied are not the only ones who need to be helped through the bullies need help two i belive in secound chances .

i just wanna find out why bullies bully people. becuase we don't know what everyone has to go through unless we see eachothers point of view. but back to the subject i just really hope one

day none of us have to bully or be bullied we can just be who we are and we can be proud of it no matter if we get hate or not...i wish one day we can all have peace."