Help us create a monumental installation of a phoenix to represent rising above bullying.

Click on the image below to download an 8.5" x 11" image of a feather. Print it and decorate it with something that represents the word COURAGE to you. Cut it out. Write your name and email address on the back.

Mail it to us:
P.O. BOX 141421
Columbus, Ohio 43214

Teachers, this is a great way to get your students involved with the You Will Rise Project. If you would like to send us feathers from your class(es), be sure to also include your name and the name of your school on a separate piece of paper in the envelope so we can give you a shout-out here on the site.

Check back here soon - we'll feature individual feathers on this page as well as updates about how the piece is coming together and when/where it will be displayed.


Here are some pics we've collected showing the project so far: