The You Will Rise Project is partnering with Palenke Arts for a hands-on workshop for middle school students who are (or were) victims of bullying. Artists from the community will work with students, inspiring them to create raw, uncensored works about their experiences with bullying. The resulting collection, including collaborative installation pieces and individual creations, will be presented in a multi-media pop up exhibition at Palenke Arts that is open to the public.

Workshop week 1: Sunday, April 8, 12pm - 3pm
Workshop week 2: Sunday, April 15, 12pm - 3pm
Workshop week 3: Sunday, April 22, 12pm - 3pm
Workshop week 4: Sunday, April 29, 12pm - 3pm
Popup Exhibit: Sunday, May 6, 1pm - 3pm

There is no fee to participate in the #ArtAgainstBullying workshop and all supplies will be provided. Palenke Arts is located at 1713 Broadway Ave., Seaside, California.

Watch this video to get a better sense of what we are all about.


Students who are interested in participating in the April workshops, apply online using the form below. If you have questions, please email us at


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There is no cost for students to participate in our workshop, and students will be provided with all the necessary supplies. We are asking like-minded businesses to help defray the cost of workshop materials by becoming a sponsor.


Platinum - $425 - and above
•Name or company listed as Platinum Sponsor on website
•Name or company listed on media promotions
•Name or company logo included in exhibit brochure
•Name or company logo printed on exhibit invitations

Gold - $275 - $400
•Name or company listed as Gold Sponsor on website
•Name or company listed on media promotions
•Name or company logo included in exhibit brochure

Silver - $125 - $250
•Name or company listed as Silver Sponsor on website
•Name or company listed on media promotions

Bronze - $50-$100
•Name or company listed as Bronze Sponsor on website

Donations are tax deductible. Use the Donate link below and then please email with the amount and the company name/logo to be acknowledged. Thank you!


The You Will Rise Project provides a multimedia showcase for people of all ages who have been bullied to share their stories through the arts. Submissions can include visual art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos, etc.) as well as poetry, song lyrics, short stories, or other creative expressions that best capture their personal experiences. By giving visitors the opportunity to view these creative works, we hope to educate, instill pride, generate positive feedback, and provide online resources - all for the purposes of supporting, inspiring creative productivity, fostering respect for cultural and sexual diversity, and improving the quality of life for those who have been or are currently being bullied. Learn more at

The mission of Palenke Arts is to educate and inspire the community through the arts. Our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive multicultural arts center in the City of Seaside, offering courses and performances in a multitude of art forms. Learn more at